Corporations are just learning about a holistic approach to wellness. They desire to be informed about value available for the employee and company, by providing these techniques to their employees. Only 15% of corporations in America are aware there’s an improvement in employee effectiveness, when using holistic wellness techniques in day to day life.

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Vital Pathways

Vital Pathways engages, trains and inspires groups of individuals in wellness behaviors and techniques for increased vitality and elegance in everyday life. The individual benefits as a whole person, beyond the benefit of the specific technique. This is holistic wellness. Holistic wellness may help your outlook and your endurance for accomplishing the things you do day to day. We inspire individual wellness choices through workshops and product support for companies, sports teams, schools, centers and groups. Learn More >>

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A Better Approach to Healing

You don’t have to change who you are to change your approach to your health and wellness. It’s about becoming the best you---who you are, by embracing behaviors that will support you in that. We’ll show you how.... Learn More >>

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Certified Yamuna Practitioner
Certified Yamuna Practitioner
Certified Yamuna Practitioner

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